Crossover II Signature

Hybrid II

The Hybrid II is for those players that usually play classical guitar but venture in to other styles of music but also don’t need a thiner neck like steel string players. Why I designed this guitar? because of my own experience; I was a hard core classical guitar player but also played brazilian music, noveu flamenco, Greek music, Latin jazz and other styles in which my Classical guitar sounded too thin and bright in the basses or too sharp in the trebles. or the action was too high or worst the strings were to far away from the top so it was imposible to do the golpe for flamenco music or other technics for Latin folcklore music. in other words my classical guitar sounded like a singer singing bossa nova with an opera voice sound, do you get the picture?

Standard Dimensions
Soundboard: Spruce
Back and sides: Indian Rosewood (IR) or Cocobolo (CO)
Fingerboard: Ebony
Nut width: 52 mm
Scale length: 650mm
Finish: Lacquer Body
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