Crossover I PE Studio
The Crossover I is for those players that need a narrow neck and a radius fingerboard , this is the perfect guitar for those steel string players that cross into the nylon string guitar and need round deep basses and sweet trebles for brazilian music or Jazz.

Experience a full sounding guitar with the playability for those intricate chords and fast moving bass lines.

Standard elegant cut-away, non cut-away optional

The Crossover I is made in three different versions:

Crossover I PE made with Palo Escrito Back and sides and cedar top

Standard Dimensions
Soundboard: Spruce or Cedar
Back and sides: Palo Escrito
Fingerboard: Ebony
Nut width: 48mm
Scale length: 650mm
Finish: Lacquer Body
Soundport Rosette: Optional (as shown on picture)
 Soundport: Standard in the signature model, optional in the IR or PE models
 Truss-rod: Standar in all Model
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